New Airline Passenger Rights Now in Effect

Have you arrived to your destination ready to start your vacation only to find that the airline lost your luggage during your travels? Have you ever been stuck on the Tarmac? As you begin your preparations for your vacation to Hawaii be aware that your rights as an airline passenger will be more protected starting on Tuesday. You should know that when you are traveling to Hawaii or any destinations you now have more rights when it comes to doing business with airline providers. Starting on Tuesday 8/23/2011 the Department of Transportation’s new guidelines go into effect. The guidelines will restrict airlines actions, provide higher penalties for not following these guidelines, provide for better compensation for passengers, and protect passenger rights.

New rules include

  • If you are bumped from an over-booked flight or are asked to volunteer to give up your seat you are now eligible for better compensation.
  • International flights stuck on the Tarmac for more than four hours must now allow passengers to exit the plane. (unless extenuating circumstances arise)
  • If the airline loses your bag they must now refund your checked bag fee.
  • Airlines will be required to show secondary fees on their websites.
  • There are more changes coming for airline passengers and starting in January of 2012 there will be more rules released which will further restrict the airlines.
Airline travel can be very stressful, and it is nearly impossible to predict any delays or problems you might have while traveling. Staying up to date on your rights as a passenger will allow you better negotiate with airline staff, and insure that you get the best deal while traveling. Make sure to check the airlines websites for fee schedules, and be aware of the amounts that airlines are required to pay if you’re bumped from your flight or volunteer to take the next one.

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