Five Tour Destinations on Kauai You Must Not Miss

So you are planning a trip to Kauai Hawaii, fantastic choice. The only issue with traveling to this Hawaiian paradise is that you can’t possibly find the time to see everything available. The amount of entertainment to be had, sights to be seen, and things to witness are so vast that even writing about them all would take too long. For this reason, Discover Hawaii Tours has compiled a list of the top 5 destinations you will find in their tours through the paradise of Kauai.

1. The mountainous coast of Na Pali is well known for its legendary beauty and secluded tropical beaches. Enjoy a day of adventurous snorkeling in its pristine waters, or take a Na Pali coast camping trip! Or just pack a lunch and spend the day basking in the warm radiance of this exotic paradise-The options are simply endless.

2. The Waimea Canyon offers tourists an unforgettable lookout 3,400 feet above sea level. Visitors will be stunned by the beauty of the surrounding countryside, and mesmerized by the canyons sheer magnitude. While there, seek out other special locations such as the spouting horn blowhole, and the Menehune Ditch.

3. The Na Pali black sand beaches are an incredible piece of Hawaiian landscape that you won’t want to miss! As the name suggests, these beaches are composed of black sediment left over from lava spewing into the ocean. Black sand is generally much coarser than regular quartz sand is, so the experience of walking upon it is one of a kind. Be sure to bring along comfortable walking shoes, as larger chunks of the black sand can be found along the beaches.

4. Feeling adventurous and brave? The Kalalau Trail is a fascinating piece of the Hawaiian experience for the tourists who are avid hikers. It is a strenuous but rewarding eleven mile Na Pali coast hike that is guaranteed to thrill. Don’t forget to bring comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes!

5.  The Wailua River is a tranquil body of water that weaves its way through beautiful waterfalls, lush forestry, and unforgettable landscapes. Located on the east side of the island, it is one of the few navigable rivers in all of Hawaii. It is the perfect destination for Kayaking, or taking Na Pali coast boat tours.

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