Must See Maui Attractions For Any Vacationer

One of the biggest draws of vacationers to Maui is the diversity of natural beauty. But how do you find the most beautiful places to see? Here is a look at the “must see” Maui attractions for any vacationer!

Must see Maui attractions

Maui is home to beautiful valleys, extinct volcanoes, breathtaking waterfalls, lush tropical rainforest, white sandy beaches, black sand beaches, and even red sand beaches! With so many types of beautiful natural wonders, where do you begin? A great place to begin seeing Maui attractions is on the Road to Hana. Voted as one of “America’s Most Scenic Drives” the winding coastal road makes it’s way along the idyllic southeast coast of the island and is home to many spectacular treasures. Wailua Falls is one place which would be a shame to miss. Cool fresh water fed from the slopes of Mount Haleakala pour over a 200-foot rock face into a shimmering pond. The fragrance of fresh water fills the air as the mist floats away with the wind. You have to see Wailua Falls!
As one of the biggest black sand beaches on Maui, Waianapanapa Beach is a favorite resting place for travelers on the Road to Hana. Take a dip and cool off from the hot Hawaiian sun after enjoying a delicious local lunch included on our Road to Hana tour!
Even though the tiny islet of Molokini has no buildings, forest, or waterfalls it is still my favorite of all Maui attractions! Why you may ask? The secret of Molokini’s beauty lies beneath the surface…
Home to more than 250 species of fish and boasting visibility of up to 150 feet underwater, Molokini is a world-class scuba and snorkeling destination. If there is one place to dive in Maui, it’s Molokini. Make a splash on you Maui vacation and take a snorkeling trip to Molokini! Be sure to check out the Maui section of our Hawaii Vacation Travel Guide! Aloooha!

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