Moving To Hawaii? Then You Need An “Ambassador Of Aloha!”

Are you moving to Hawaii? You must be incredibly excited! Whether you have visited here before or if you’re going all out and moving to Hawaii on a dream, taking a tour is great way to learn about the island and discover your new favorite spots!

Why take a tour? I’m Moving to Hawaii…

This may be a common reaction to advice reserved for vacationers, but taking a tour after first moving to Hawaii is very beneficial. Here’s why:

See the island while you wait for your car to arrive

First of all, if you shipped your vehicle to Hawaii less than 3 weeks ago, chances are it’s still on a freighter in the middle of the Pacific. Before the ship arrives with your car, take a tour around the island! See the island right away even if you don’t have a car yet, ride with us! Or learn your way around the streets of downtown Honolulu and Waikiki on a Segway tour learning about Hawaii’s royal history. See the island on these tours:

Discover where your new favorite spots are going to be

If moving to Hawaii is your first time visiting the islands and you haven’t read up on any travel guides, how are you going to find the island’s best spots? We would love to show you. Join us on a hike to a hidden waterfall and learn about Hawaii’s unique ecology, or on a circle island eco-tour to see the island’s best spots!
If you’re going to live here you need to find out where some really amazing places are, and when you’re settled you’ll be ready to go out and explore them on your own! Find your favorite new places on these tours:

Learn how to live with Aloha from an “Ambassador of Aloha”

An added benefit to taking a tour when first moving to Hawaii is learning about the island from a friendly local. Our experienced tour guides are experts on Hawaii, “Ambassadors of Aloha” and love sharing their knowledge and passion for the islands. A great way to meet people and experience Hawaii’s culture is to go out and enjoy one of the many free live music performances around town daily. Head to one of the many local venues and strike up conversation with a stranger. Chances are they live with Aloha too! One place popular with locals and vacationers alike is the Mai Tai Bar & Grill on the third level of Ala Moana Shopping Center. Plus, it’s fun to act like you’re on vacation when you live in Hawaii!
Taking a tour with one of our “Ambassadors of Aloha” will have you feeling good and welcomed with a warm greeting of “Aloooooha!” and big smile. Discover the aloha spirit with new friends at these places:
Want to know what the locals love to eat? Check out this post featuring Hawaii’s favorite dishes! Congratulations on moving to Hawaii, welcome to paradise, and as we say here “Lucky you live Hawaii!” Alooooha!

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