4 Unforgettable Hawaiian Experiences You Must Be a Part Of


The Hawaiian Islands are a serene place, full of mystery and adventure. Millions of people make the journey to these Islands every year for the vacation of a lifetime. The islands are guaranteed to offer something for everyone, and always bring about a unique approach to an otherwise standard vacation. Discover Hawaii Tours knows these islands like the back of their hand. The unrivalled attention to detail has earned them the trust and respect of customers from all over the globe. Every tour they offer is operated by a professional, and is tailored to fit your specific interests. Below you will find some of the popular Hawaiian activities that are currently on the market:

1. Oahu Island Bike Tours- No adventure is complete without first experiencing a few mountain bike tours Hawaii style. There are so many sights to see along one of these vacation bike tours-from the massive Mt. Tantalus, to the pristine waters of the Manoa Waterfall. These tour packages are perfect for the naturalist in you!

2. Kauai Island Hiking- Kauai, also known as the “Garden Isle” is the most untouched of all the Hawaiian Islands. Its iconic forestry and pristine waterfalls make it the ideal hiking spot for any nature-lover. The Na Pali coast specifically offers an impressive challenge for the experts out there, as its Kalalua Trail stretches a stunning eleven miles through winding coastline.

3. Maui Island Snorkeling- Dive into Maui’s Pacific coastal waters and set your sights on the breathtaking underwater scenery. Explore beautiful reefs teeming with marine life. They are filled with thousands of fish variations, innumerable types of coral, and even some sea turtles. This is truly a once in a lifetime journey that no Hawaiian guest should pass up!

4. Big Island Helicopter Tours- There are not many experiences as rewarding as a Big Island helicopter tour. Tourists who take one of these tours will witness the incredible power of Mt. Kilauea up close, and will hover over locations that are unnavigable on the ground. Gaze upon real lava flow, and get a bird’s eye view of the entire island. These tours always provide guests with a fresh perspective of the island.

All of these tour options and more are available right now through Discover Hawaii Tours. Pay them a special visit today!

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