More Arizona Memorial Tickets Available at Pearl Harbor

Great news for anyone looking to visit Hawaii and Pearl Harbor in Oahu! The WWII Valor in The Pacific National Memorial at Pearl Harbor will now be offering Arizona Memorial tickets at their regular hours.

Budget Cuts Meant Less Arizona Memorial Tickets

For months now people wanting to see Pearl Harbor’s top attraction have found Arizona Memorial tickets hard to come by. The recent sequestration budget cuts had forced the park to reduce the show times from 8am-3pm to 8am-1pm. With Arizona Memorial programs running every fifteen minutes, this meant 1200 less opportunities per day to visit the memorial. Though this national park is not getting an increase in funding, they have been able to manage their budget to again offer Arizona Memorial tickets until three o’clock.

The Best Way To Get Arizona Memorial Tickets

Though there will be 1200 more Arizona Memorial tickets available per day, this does not guarantee that they will be easy to come by. Many people have gone online to reserve tickets in advance where they discover that tickets are sold out DSC_0059through November. Others have attempted to stand in line as early as five or six in the morning only to be turned away at the ticket office. This means that booking a tour with a trusted tour company, such as Discover Hawaii Tours, remains the most reliable way to assure an Arizona Memorial Ticket. Discover Hawaii Tours reserves tickets months in advance in order to accommodate the high demand for the Arizona Memorial experience. Add this to Hawaii’s top rated tour guides and you are in for a very special day with Discover Hawaii Tours.Whether it’s a full-day circle island tour or a quick trip through historical downtown Honolulu, most all tours will begin or end with a Pearl Harbor experience.

More to See at Pearl Harbor

There are many ways to spend a day at Pearl Harbor. The WWII Valor in The Pacific Memorial is where you will find the Arizona Memorial.  In the middle of the harbor you will find For Island, which is home to the Battleship Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah Memorials as well as the Pacific Aviation Museum. Are you a true history-buff who wants to see it all, or do you only want the essential experience? Check out some of our other blogs about Pearl Harbor to help you decide!

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