Mistubishi & Hawaii Team Up to Go Electric

Mitsubishi Motors North America and the State of Hawaii have agreed to launch the motor company’s all-electric vehicle on Oahu later this year. Aptly termed the Mitsubishi ‘i’, the brand new electric vehicle will be on tour at local Hawaii dealerships and available for test drives before hitting the market November 2011. The ‘i’ can travel up to 80 miles on one charge. The details of the agreement are clear:
  • Provide charging stations featuring CHAdeMO protocol technology
  • “Assist in the demonstration and education of electric vehicles as a viable source of transportation to the Hawaii general public”
  • “Supporting emerging businesses and business models related to EV development and workforce deployment”
  • “Mitsubishi Motors agrees to provide information and recommendations on EV strategy and infrastructur”
Hawaii is a strategic US state to introduce the vehicle, most likely because of the fact that Hawaii’s Big Island measures 93 miles across. The eco-friendly cars can travel approximately 80 miles on one charge, enough to tour Oahu and do a little sightseeing, or just go grocery shopping at the local store. The EV will most likely get additional exposure to tourists and vacationers in Hawaii. It isn’t clear whether rental car companies will give visitors the chance to rent the vehicles to compliment ‘eco-tourists’ looking for green transportation options while on vacation. Prospective buyers can reserve a vehicle for a $299 refundable fee on the Mitsubishi ‘i’ website.

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