New Battleship Missouri Research Center Open To Public

Brief Overview of the Missouri’s Service

The Battleship Missouri, which was launched in 1944, only sailed for 11 years until it was decommissioned in 1955, but that wasn’t the end of the great ships service. The “Mighty Mo” was then put back into commission during the 80′s and she sailed again during the Gulf War of the 90′s. She now rests at Pearl Harbor as a Museum for people to explore and learn more about life aboard a Navy vessel. On the main deck learn about the most historical aspects of the Missouri, Including where WWII was officially ended. Below deck you’ll learn about life at sea, above deck you’ll learn about the command and control of the mighty ship. Did you know that the Missouri is 5 feet longer, and 18 feet wider than the RMS Titanic? There are a surplus of interesting facts and sights to learn about and see while you explore Pearl Harbor and the many museums and memorials that populate the harbor.

About The New Research Center

As a part of the 66th anniversary of the end of WWII the Battleship Missouri Memorial held a traditional Hawaiian Blessing as it opened the new Battleship Missouri Research Center aboard the “Mighty Mo”. Undoubtedly, the Missouri’s most famous moment came when the Japanese surrendered formally to the U.S. and its allies to end WWII on the decks of this great ship.  The new research center, located aboard the Missouri, is open to the public and contains archival documents, photo collections, video and oral history recordings, transcripts, crew rosters, as well as other information. Open from Monday through Friday from 12pm to 4pm, the research center contains six work stations that anyone can use. Appointments to use the research center are also available.

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