Mililani Local Get His Shot On American Idol

Mahikumakani Crabbe was born in Hawaii, and grew up in Mililani. He has always been comfortable as a performer, and danced Hula as young boy. Now, after years of doing what he loves best he has gotten his shot in Hollywood with a golden ticket from American Idol. Mahi – the name he goes by on many of his Youtube videos – was inspired to try out for American Idol by himself; having nothing to do, and the only thing holding him between a brighter future was a five hour drive from Vegas – where he attends UNLV as a Music Performance major. When he received his golden ticket, Mahi said that he was stoked, and the first thought that came to his head was “that I could upgrade from the dollar menu, and get a full value menu with fries and a drink.” One of the things that separates Mahi from some of his American Idol compettitors is that He’s from Hawaii, and he said “I’m just One of those local boys who tried to get off the rock and trying to do something better with my life.” For Mahi music is a part of his life, and he said he will be the next American idol because “I love what I do; it’s not work, It’s fun and I love to do it.” Mahikumakani Crabbe will perform tonight on American Idol, so make sure you watch to support him and see the next step in his journey.

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