Mid-Pacific Institute Offers Aquaponics Class for Students

Students at the Mid-Pacific Institute have the chance to learn about Aquaponics, the school is taking the classroom to the outdoors. Aquaponics has gained popularity in Hawaii, and there are even organizations dedicated to aquaponics. According to KHON its all part of the aquaponics program on a small plot of land in the back of the school.  Students learn about the dynamics of growing fish and plants together in harmony. Aquaponics is a unique way of growing fully organic vegetables and fish for consumption. Not only do you get high quality produce and fish out of it, but the system uses a lot less water than traditional farming methods, and the water is recycled through the system. The students simply feed the fish. Normally if the water wasn’t filtered out the fish would eventually die, but in aquaponics the water containing the fish waste is pumped up into grow beds where plants use the nitrogen rich water to grow. Before the water gets back to the fish tank it is cleaned by microscopic organisms that live in the growing beds. These types of systems are gaining popularity across the globe because the plants grow very fast with the nutrient rich water, and it doesn’t require much water to keep up. Plus once the system is in balance nature takes care of the rest. The instructor of this course, Gregg Kaneko, told KHON “My main goal for this course is that after this class, students can go home and start their own aquaponics system and I’ve had several students do that already,”

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