The 3 Reasons You Cannot Skip Maui!

Hawai’i is drop dead gorgeous. Really. You can’t go wrong on the Aloha Islands. The air is tropical, the water is bright, and the food is amazing.

But that doesn’t mean you can miss out, and scheduling a Hawai’i Vacation that doesn’t include Maui would be a shame, especially because of these three amazing, even life-changing Maui Tours and destinations available to you through Discover Hawaii Tours.

1. The Hana Highway

Friends, this is no mere road. The Hana Highway attracts thousands of visitors every year, amazing them with hundreds of turns along cliffs overlooking Pacific vistas, running past dozens of rushing waterfalls and over fifty bridges. People fall in love on this highway. Songs are witten under those waterfalls, on the black sand beaches. Memories are made forever. Aside from the road itself, the town of Hana is the Heart of old, small-town Hawai’i and the views of Honolua Bay and both Pua’a Ka’a and Kaumahina State Parks are worth the trip, even if you need an inter-island Maui Sightseeing Tour option to get here.

2. The USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a place for all Americans and for the people of the entire world. An attack occurred here that changed America, that changed the world, forever. There is really nothing like the feeling of standing above the USS Arizona, looking down at its dripping oil, the black tears that still flow to this day, and realizing that over a thousand young souls died in combat and lie beneath your feet. Remember their sacrifice. Climb the decks of the USS Missouri, the last battleship of the United States Navy and site of the ending of the Second World War. Descend into the tight corners of the USS Bowfin, one of the most decorated submarines of the war. Hear the stories of the war from those who were there, who saw it, and who still live today, and carry on their legacy. To this day Pearl Harbor stands as one of the finest and most important public naval museums in the world, and one of the most moving Maui vacation activities. Don’t miss it.

3. So much more!

Maui is chock-full of historic sites and important monuments, from the Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific, to Historic Honolulu, to the Polynesian Cultural Center and their famous luaus.  With Discover Hawaii Tours, these sites are open to you, no matter which island your vacation is based on. Cross-island day trips allow you and your family to hop small, certified flights and see the sites that you are interested in, that your vacation should not be without. Visit the tour options at, call the operators at 808-690-9050, and build a vacation experience in Maui that you and your loved ones will never forget.

Aloha friends, and welcome! 

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