4 Reasons To Not Miss The Road To Hana Tour

Traveling to Hawaii can be tough, especially if you are not accustomed to the tour package and travel expenses that are relevant to such a journey. Take the Maui Road To Hana Tours, for example. For fifteen years Discover Hawaii Tours has been providing the best dedication and service to their guests. They offer an unrivaled selection of interisland journeys and tour packages-one such journey is their well-known “Road To Hana Eco Adventure Tour”.


The Road to Hana is generally accepted as the best drive in all of Hawaii. From the wonderful hiking tours, to the glorious drive around dormant volcanos, this eco tour has everything you could possibly ask for. No trip to Maui could be called complete without first taking part in this incredible experience. A few specific things of you will see along a Road to Hana Eco Tour have been listed below: 

1. The Wai’anapanapa State Park- Often referred to as the most known black sand beach in the world, this state park is an amazing location for anyone interested in the natural history of the Hawaiian Islands. These black sand beaches extend over 120 acres and are surrounded by preserved Hawaiian ecology and pristine forestry.

2. Hana Town- Do you feel like visiting a place that is seemingly untouched by time? Then look no further, because this stop was meant for you. Hana Town is a small little town, full of diligent people and lush forestry. It can be said with confidence that Hana Town is the heart of old Hawaii.

3. The Puohokamoa Falls- Off the beaten path of the Hana highway you will find these rejuvenating falls. Tourists can walk a short distance through rough forested paths to pay a visit this place haven. The waterfall cascades over emerald cliffs for 200 feet, and is an absolute must see for any nature-lover.

4. The Wailua Falls- Beyond Hana Town along the tropical Highway you can find these impressive falls. The Wailua Falls shower down 200 feet into a tranquil pond below. Gaze upon it as the sun reflects off the misty wind, and be captivated with the beauty of this secluded wonderland.

These sights of Hana are a small taste of what is available through Discover Hawaii Tours. See for yourself today by booking online or calling 808-670-3743. Mahalo, and hope to see you there!

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