Two Great Destinations on the Road to Hana in Maui!


One of the greatest and most unforgettable adventures Maui has to offer is the unbelievable Hana Highway. A highway in name alone, the glorious Maui Road to Hana Tour will leave you astonished at the expansive beauty of our planet. Embarking on a Road to Hana van tour is a wonderful way to experience all of the gorgeous locations this road has to offer; in the van, which is driven by an expert, local guide, you can sit back, relax, and take in the scenery as you cruise along this twisting and turning highway!

Along the way, you will have plenty of chances to hop out of the van in order to fully embrace some of the most fabulous locations nestled alongside the famous Road to Hana. One of these unforgettable locations is the amazing Puohokamoa Falls. The Lower Puohokamoa Falls cascade over a 200-foot cliff which is nested just off of the Road to Hana. A short walk down a simple path will lead you to the Puohokamoa Lookout Point, which is easily the best location from which to view the one of the most fascinating Hawaiian sites; here, you will witness a huge waterfall tumbling over a massive green cliff.

Another must-see stop on the Road to Hana is the famous Hana Bay and Hana Town. Hana Town, known as “the heart of Old Hawaii,” is known for its undisturbed, natural beauty. Also known for its small town vibe and warm, welcoming community, Hana Town is the perfect place to seek out an authentic Hawaiian experience. Mingle with the locals, learn about Maui’s history, and visit the lush, green forests in Hana Town! Your experience of Maui will not be complete without a stop at this lovely historic location.

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