But Which Hawaiian Islands Should We See?


All of them of course! But we understand. Vacationers have limited resources and limited days, so having the time available to see every single sight on every single island just isn’t an option. But which of the four main islands should you see? Well, the answer depends.

Maui Hawaii vacation packages are perfect for active couples and families who want to get out and visit natural wonders. Maui is the second largest of the islands and, although it is hard to say for sure… probably the most naturally beautiful. The island is lush and there are less people than on Oahu or Big Island, but the resorts are phenomenal! These are built over white-sand beaches that are famous and always busy. Visitors can take advantage of over thirty beaches and crystal clear bays for snorkeling with tropical fish and coral, windsurfing, surfing (competitively as well!), and the world capital of Kiteboarding at Kanaha Beach.  Mix in some whale watching and the fantastic Road to Hana tour with dozens and dozens of waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and black sand beaches, and you have an island that is absolutely magic and decidedly not urban.

If you are more interested in history and architecture, Oahu is the island for you. This island is home to the Capitol of Hawaii, Honolulu, as well as Pearl Harbor, the infamous site that triggered the United’ State’s entry into World War II. Oahu is the best island for classic Hawaiian tours and sightseeing as visitors look down at the USS Arizona, tour the urban center of Honolulu, visit plantations and beaches, and also participate in some of the largest and best-loved luaus in Hawaii. The resorts are often larger than those of Maui and the abundance of attractions and alterative tours and sightseeing options including boat rides and segway tours, make Oahu a perfect destination for larger groups seeking family vacation packages Hawaii.

A Hawaiian Vacation in Kauai promises to be a quieter affair. The resorts are more secluded and fewer in number and the island is the least populated. Kauai is the perfect quiet, unhurried getaway spot. There are plenty of hidden beaches and forest hikes around, but you might have trouble keeping the kids busy if you have them. Check out the snorkeling and surfing of course, and also consider the Na Pali Coast, famous for its beauty, and some fantastic zipline courses throughout the island. You can also visit many of the locations featured in “Lilo and Stitch.”

Big island is the last of the four, and the largest in landmass. Take the chance to see Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as well as the beaches and some local flavor including the outdoor markets and pop-up malls. Big Island is, well, big, and very spread out. There is a fantastic belt of Resorts along the Western coast and plenty of opportunities for coffee enthusiasts to sample real Kona coffee. Outside of the tourist belt, however, you will need to be a bit more adventurous, but the tangled jungle has incredible hidden waterfalls and amazing vistas for those willing to drive up the backroads.

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