Maui Big Wave Surf Home for Sale

Paia, Maui, Hawaii, July 22 (DHN) – Press Release announces Laird Hamilton’s Maui home on the market. You know you are a superstar when a press release is issued by the realtor selling your Maui home. Such is the case for famous big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and his wife, professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, are selling their home in Maui.
Realtor Tiffany Kamaile Spencer of Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers on Kauai issued a press release announcing the listing of Laird Hamilton’s Paia, Maui residence today. The house, which is located on Maui’s North Shore, is right next to the famous big wave break of Peahi, better known as Jaws. Having been featured in the MTV show “Cribs,” this spacious four-bedroom/four bath house is over 5,000 square feet. Designed so that Hamilton could be close enough to surf Jaws whenever he wanted, the house is set in a tropical valley with ocean views. Could the selling of this house mean that Hamilton is leaving Maui and will no longer be surfing Jaws with the same fever? Not quite. The realtor states in the Press Release that the Hamilton’s own an adjacent parcel next to the house. That’s right, not only can you buy Laird Hamilton’s house, you can also be his brand new neighbor! If that is not enough to get you excited about Hawaii real estate, the property sits on a full ten acres of prime Maui land. It features two large fishponds along with mature plantings of passion fruit, guava, bananas and coconuts. And did we mention the 1,764 square foot garage? With that much room you could almost start a car dealership out of your home!

This dream home doesn’t exactly come cheap though.

If you dream of owning Laird Hamilton’s home, start counting every penny, the house is listed for $2.75 million. All content, unless otherwise noted, is created by and for Discover Hawaii News, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discover Hawaii Tours. © 2011

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