Make A Splash With Hawaii Activities!

In a few recent blog posts we looked at some of the exciting Hawaii activities on each of Hawaii’s four major islands. Today we’re going to look at some different Hawaii activities which really appeal to me. Here’s my favorite Hawaii activities.

Make a splash and get wet with Hawaii activities

My favorite place to go is the ocean. I love to do anything which involves getting wet. I joke to my friends that I have gills and they get dry if I don’t go to the beach. Surfing, kayaking, bodysurfing, stand-up paddling, sailing, snorkeling, wake boarding, wind surfing, scuba diving, did I leave anything out? If I did I’d be willing to go. My favorite hawaii activities that get you wet would have to be the Oahu Wild Dolphin Snorkel & Swim and the Molokini & Turtle Arches Snorkel Tour. Snorkeling with dolphins is probably the most amazing experience I have ever had. The feeling you get in their presence is truly unique and you feel a connection with these graceful and friendly animals.
If you’re looking for Hawaii activities which will leave you with a great story and unbelievable vacation photos, I highly recommend doing this. Diving the reefs of Molokini is like venturing into Atlantis. The reefs of this ancient volcanic crater are world renown for the huge variety of fish, over 250 species, and for unparalleled underwater visibility.
Exploring an underwater habitat like Molokini is like no other experience in Hawaii. While there are lots of great spots for snorkeling, none of them compare to Molokini. Whether or not you are a diving enthusiast, this is THE snorkeling tour to take in Hawaii. To see all of the snorkeling opportunities in Hawaii, check out our new snorkeling activities page. You can even pair snorkeling with a kayak and zipline adventure on Oahu!

Sail away, sail away, sail away

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a sailing cruise and watching the sun slip behind the horizon from the sea. Seeing the sunset from Waikiki Beach is one of the popular things to do in Hawaii, so make it even better by taking a cruise!

Swimming with sharks in Hawaii

Although I am a surfer and deathly afraid of sharks, I have recently been experiencing a compelling feeling to confront this fear and swim with them. One of our own, who shares the same fear as me jumped in and swam with sharks. He said it was an exhilarating experience and most importantly, came back to tell his story. Here’s his story in a recent blog post.
Getting up close and personal (with a strong metal cage between, of course) with these creatures of the deep may sound like something someone would have to be crazy to do. I thought that myself as well, but lately that attitude has been changing. Scientists who study sharks have made claims for a long time about how misunderstood sharks are, mostly due to shark attack media blitzes and movies like Deep Blue Sea and Jaws. If you are interested in conquering your fears or just looking for the most adrenaline packed adventure of all Hawaii activities, than a North Shore Shark Encounter is for you!..
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