Makana Gains International Attention After APEC Protest During APEC Dinner

Makana, a young Hawaiian Musician, was asked to play during a reception Saturday night hosted by the Obamas in Waikiki. He was set to play music for a Luau, but instead pulled a fast one and played a song in protest of APEC and supporting the Occupy moment instead. Just before his performance began Makana opened his jacket to reveal his home made protest shirt, a plain white t-shirt with a hand written message; “Occupy with Aloha”. Makana took a big risk by playing his song at the chosen venue, not to mention with the chosen audience, but none of his targets seemed to even notice his attack.

Makana: Occupy with Aloha

He successfully showed support of the Occupy movement at APEC, which includes many heads of state and dignitaries from around the world. The event that he played at, a dinner which hosted leaders from Pacific Rim Nations, was one with extremely high security, and Makana managed to turn the evening into a subtle protest, but a protest nonetheless!

About his Protest Song

Makana’s protest song “We Are The Many” was inspired by the recent Occupy movements that have sprung up across the United States, and other countries around the world as citizens grow increasingly fed up with government and corporate irresponsibility and corruption. Makana published his protest song earlier in the day on Youtube, and decided he would give it a go at the dinner that evening. When interviewed about his decision Makana said “At first, I was worried about playing ‘We Are The Many’, but I found it odd that I was afraid to sing a song I’d written, especially since I’d written it with these people in mind.” His evening of entertainment went off without a hitch, or an arrest. All-in-all his song of protest didn’t seem to attract much more than a confused look from some of the attendees, but he wasn’t there to disrupt. He said that he wanted to subliminally plant the message in the ears of these dignitaries.

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