The Kings Warriors Are Headed To New York For The Macy’s Day Parade

Na Koa Ali’i, or The Kings Warriors, is the Hawaii All-state marching band and will perform in the Macy’s Day Parade this year on Thanksgiving Day. According to an article on Maui News Eighty students from Maui High school will be a part of the 395 member band which also has members from Oahu, the Big Island, and Kauai. The members of the Kings Warriors come from forty schools across the state, both public and private. Selections for the All-state band are made by band teachers, and the selections are made a year ahead of time so that the groups can prepare for the big day in plenty of time. Coming from across the state makes practicing for the event that much harder, as all the members can’t practice together until they arrive on the East coast. One of the All state Band’s Maui music assistants, and Band director at Seabury hall, Richard Franco Jr. told Maui News that “Maui students practice as if they are marching along with the other 300 or so performers, leaving spaces where students from other islands will be standing next to them when they perform on the Mainland.”The students involved are getting very excited about their trip to perform on the mainland. They aren’t only going to get the chance to perform on national television, but they will also get the chance to see some other landmarks around the East Coast. They will practice for the first time as a complete group once they are on the east coast. Their first performance together will happen in the pentagon parking lot just a few days before the parade! We are looking forward to seeing the Kings Warriors marching on Thanksgiving Day. Go forth great Warriors, and make Hawaii proud!

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