Hualalai Resort to be Extended Venue of LudoBites Nine-0

A wildly popular Los Angeles “touring” restaurant will make its first trip outside of Los Angeles to Hawaii. Between March 6th and 17th, Chef Ludo Lefebrve and his wife Krissy will be presenting an eclectic menu of creative small plates and specialty cocktails in a whimsical setting, full of inventive surprises and an abundance of culinary artistry at the Hualalai Grille in the Hualalai Resort. “I am looking forward to working in such a beautiful setting with really amazing local ingredients,” Lefebvre said. “Hualalai Resort and Four Seasons have found a special place in my heart and I am really excited about cooking here for the Hualalai members, guests of Four Seasons and the people of Hawaii.”

Who is Chef Lefebrve?

Chef Ludo Lefebrve is a chef that has put in a lot of time and hard work, and has learned first-hand how to be an excellent chef. From the age of thirteen, when he was sent to train at Maxime, a restaurant in his hometown, he has worked hard to accomplish his level of mastery in the culinary arts. Chef Lefebrve believes that people have lost touch with their food, and that we need to go back to the basics of even knowing where our food comes from, and how it is grown. According to his website, “One crucial lesson was “L’Ecole du Feu,” which translates to “The School of Fire.” This philosophy of cooking holds that heat is the single most important element in cuisine and, used properly, is like a scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon.”

What is LudoBites?

LudoBites is a concept “touring” restaurant created by Chef Lefebrve. Named by Ludo as a “pop-up” restaurant, the concept revolves around not having a permanent address or phone number, and is only limited, as the organization likes to say, by Ludo’s imagniation. Much like a club band, has been touring around Los Angeles since 2007. Ludobites Hawaii Nine-0 is the restaurants first venture outside of its homebase of Los Angeles, and guests of the Hualalai Resort and local foodies are excited to get the chance to get par-take in Chef Lefebrve’s “pop-up” restaurant.

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