Lose the Sun But Not Your Style

With all the in-your-face media of late regarding sun damage to the skin one might just be left with the thought “why don’t I just wear a burqa to the beach and be done with it.” While this is a courageous notion thanks to an emerging sun protective fashion industry, it’s not necessary.  Just Google “sun protection clothing” and you’ll find a plethora of sites offering everything from umbrellas to leotards, all designed to protect you from the harmful rays of Earth’s brightest orb. And if you’re planning a trip to the Islands, enjoying those rays might be on the top of your list of Hawaii things to do. Thanks to the creative genius of a few obsequious designers, both women and men can feel free to enjoy any sunny Hawaii outdoor activity in style. With a little planning you can get your glow on and stay safe and sassy. New companies like Mott50 and Coolibar are now creating garments to fulfill peoples desire to stay healthy and remain stylish. Style driven sun fashion offering the equivalent of SPF 50 sunscreen is quickly becoming the new age beach statement. Dull colors and boring fabric cuts are no longer the only options to for people seeking a shield from sun induced skin damage. Fashion leaders are now responding to shopper’s desires to look good both on and off the beach. In Hawaii this type of wardrobe is very desirable as you could easily find yourself on a trendy beach during the day and a festive dinner cruise in the evening. Hawaii is the perfect vacation spot to try out your new sun savvy outfits.

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