Local Tour Company Challenges 2012 Pro Bowl Teams

Discover Hawaii Tours hereby challenges the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl players in a contest to lift an 11,000 pound tour bus.

The competition, should the players accept the proposal, will challenge teams of 11 players to lift a Ford E450 bus, weighing approximately 11,000 pounds, for at least ten seconds. The prize? The winning team will have the opportunity to donate the company’s popular Full-Day Circle Island Oahu Eco-Adventure Tour to a local charity of their choice, a value of $3,000 for up to 25 passengers. “In the spirit of the upcoming Pro Bowl — and friendly competition — Discover Hawaii Tours would like to challenge the Pro Bowl players to a test of strength, teamwork, and generosity,” said James Owen, General Manager.Players can form teams of 11 players from their respective NFL teams or choose teammates regardless of division or NFL team. In the event of a tie, the team that lifts the bus for the longest amount of time wins. “We think it’s possible, and hope that the players will rise to the challenge. After all, it’s for a good cause,” said Owen. Discover Hawaii Tours is ready to accept teams that wish to compete. The challenge must be completed before Sunday’s Pro Bowl game, and bus-lifting will take place at our headquarters at 955 Waimanu Street, Honolulu, 96814, unless the players request a more convenient location. For more information, please contact Eagle Strayhorn, VP of Online Marketing at (808) 737-3700. Download the PDF Press Release here.

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