Lava Rock Luck: How to Avoid a Hawaiian Curse

Have your kids ever taken something without you knowing? It can happen, I know I’ve done it growing up. But when you’re with family in Hawaii, just make sure no one takes home a lava rock (or black sand) without your knowledge. You just might experience a mythical Hawaiian curse—lava rock bad luck.

The curse of the lava rock

There’s a well-known Hawaiian curse that brings bad luck to those who take a lava rock home. Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, will place a spell on anyone who takes volcanic stones from her land.

Best way to avoid the lava rock curse

It’s really simple: don’t take a lava rock home!

Send your package back to Hawaii

If you are experiencing bad luck from taking home a lava rock, you should consider sending it back to Hawaii. We receive packages of estranged lava rocks every few months from visitors. I wrote about this last year, and the note inside typically reads:

“I took this lava rock on vacation. Please return it to the land where it belongs, it has only brought us bad luck.”

Where to send your lava rock

If you need to send back a lava rock, you can find our mailing address here.

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