Last Waikiki Bookstore to Close

Waikiki, Hawaii, July 19 (DHN) – Borders announced this past Monday that they will be closing their remaining 400 stores across the US by the end of the year. For the State of Hawaii, this will result in the loss of six more bookstores across the island. Perhaps most importantly, the loss of the Borders Express at the Royal Hawaiian Center represents the closure of Waikiki’s last bookstore.While Waikiki has never been a hotbed for book lovers, with over 4 million visitors annually, it seems slightly perplexing that the tourist economy cannot support at least one bookstore. Of course, the impending shuttering of the Borders Express is just the latest in a long string of bookstores to close in Waikiki. The most recent bookstore casualty was The Recycled Bookstore, a used bookstore that closed this past January. Before that, the Hilton Hawaiian Village had a bookstore called The Ohana Reading Room and Library. However, that store closed back in early 2010.

No more Waikiki bookstores

With Borders closing, visitors in Waikiki looking for a book will now be traveling to Ala Moana Mall to visit Barnes & Nobles. All content, unless otherwise noted, is created by and for Discover Hawaii News, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discover Hawaii Tours. © 2011

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