Join with Discover Hawaii Tours on the Famous Kualoa Ranch

Have you ever wanted to truly witness an authentic Hawaiian experience? Well look no further, because the Kualoa Ranch Adventures through Discover Hawaii Tours are all of this and more. These Hawaiian tours have been heavily critiqued over the years to provide guests with the most accessible and interesting journey through the islands as possible. You will see so many amazing things while along a Kualoa Ranch tour, and the options are seemingly endless. Listed below are just a few of the fabulous tour package options currently offered through Discover Hawaii Tours:


Kualoa Ranch Royal Experience-
If seeing the ancient homes of Hawaiian royalty sounds like fun, then check out this personalized tour package. Guests along this tour will head out to the royal lands and experiencing a VIP tour of this incredible landscape. Tours are kept in small groups to ensure a one on one level of interaction throughout the entire journey, and a historian is guaranteed to accompany you with many local legends and tales.

Kualoa Ranch Experience Pass- Feel like choosing your own adventure? This great tour package allows guests the unique versatility of choosing from a plethora of activities and sights to experience along their tour. These incredible choices range from Hawaii movie tours, jungle expeditions, ocean voyaging, legends & legacy, and much more. This tour package is a wonderful way to see some of the natural beauty that Hawaii offers, and is guaranteed to be a time you will never forget.

Full-Day Kualoa Ranch Adventure- If you really want to experience what Hawaii has to offer, then this just might be the tour package for you. Visitors who select this package will be whisked away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and brought to a land seemingly untouched by time. Tourists will be allowed to select which tour options most appeal to them, and customize their journey every step of the way. Choose from great options such as Horseback riding, ATV off-road riding, a jungle expedition, an ocean voyage and so much more. No matter the option you choose, a good time is always guaranteed.

Of course these three tour packages are just the beginning of what Discover Hawaii Tours has to offer. They have an unbeatable selection of Hawaiian tour packages, so don’t wait a moment more. Call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743 and discover why we are the most trusted name in Hawaiian tourism. 

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