Tips for an Affordable Hawaiian Vacation (Part II)

Continued from Part 1

3. Try the Off Season

As far as saving money, one of the very best things you can do is to pick your vacation season carefully. Hawaiian tourist activities, thanks to supply and demand, have prices that fluctuate widely depending on how busy the islands are. Off-seasons are famous for being cheaper as lower tourist turnout encourages vendors to cut their prices on their Hawaiian Vacation Package offerings. You can also typically find cheaper flights in and out of the islands. The busiest seasons include Christmas, Spring Break, and most of the summer months, so try to aim for August — November and April — May to beat the crowds and land some sweet deals.

4. Pick your Islands, cities, and resorts carefully.

A Kona Hawaii vacation might just be half the price of an Oahu or Maui vacation due to lower numbers of visitors on the Big Island. That may also mean better Big Island vacation rentals, tours, and activities.  Pick your island and then camp out and watch for special deals and offerings that pop up. And if you really have other sites that you want to see, keep reading.

5. Plan your go-to sites

Hawaii is a collection of islands, which means that if you find a sweet resort on Kauai you aren’t going to be able to simply drive to Big Island to see the Volcano—it isn’t possible. This may mean making hard decisions about what you want to do, or you can try Inter-Island tour options available through Discover Hawaii Tours. This way you can take advantage of a cheap package on one island, while still touring the best sights on the others.

6. Try going last minute.

Sometimes when flights or packages to Hawaii don’t sell, they show up a bare-bones prices online—so jump on them!  Provided you can swing it with your schedule and pack your bags in a hurry, you can have the same wonderful experience and save a lot of money. Plus surprise vacations can be even more romantic than planned ones.

As always feel free to contact Discover Hawaii Tours at 1-808-690-9050 with any questions, hopes or dreams about visiting and touring the magical islands of Hawai’i. They will be glad to help! 

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