Kohala Watershed Partnership Volunteer Opportunity

About the Kohala Watershed Partnership

The Kohala Watershed Partnership was founded in 2003 by a group of private land owners, and state land managers who work together across property boundaries to manage the forested watershed of the Kohala Mountains. This group is part of the Hawaii Association of Watershed Partnerships MJR7V5BX45AN

Challenges to the Watershed

People, feral animals, and invasive plant species are the biggest threats to the watershed on the Big Island. The plants that inhabit the forest floor are cleared out by feral pigs, or overgrown by invasive plant species. The partnership describes on its website the network of plants on the forest floor within the watershed that act as sponges to help absorb water and let it successfully enter underground aquifers; without these important plant species the water simply washes away the topsoil and is never absorbed by the ground. Efforts are being made to reduce the impacts of the feral pig population by hunting as well as fences being installed which are meant to keep the pigs out of the areas that organizers wish to protect. Volunteers are helping spread the good, native species, and eliminate the bad invasive species.

About Volunteering

Once a month on Saturdays the Kohala Watershed Partnership hosts community volunteer programs where members of the local community can come out and lend a hand in helping maintain the beautiful mountains of Kohala. You’ll start around 8:30 am, and the typical day lasts until about 2:30. You’ll spend the day weed whacking, collecting native seeds, planting native seeds, and after the work is done you’ll get a chance to hike through the beautiful forest that you are helping out. Volunteers are asked to bring boots, rain gear, lunch, and a positive attitude. The program will provide volunteers with gloves, tools, snacks, breathtaking scenery, and uplifting service. Volunteers will enjoy a day filled with making a difference in this important and very rare eco system.

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