Try a Kayaking Adventure with Discover Hawaii Tours!

Hawaii kayaking tours are the best way to see the beautiful sparkling waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. With Discover Hawaii Tours, you and your family can choose what island you’d like to kayak near and what kind of kayaking adventure tour excites you the most!


Discover Hawaii Tours offers a wide variety to fit every family’s needs and budget. And regardless of your skill level, the professional staff can help you get accustomed to a kayak so you’re on your way in no time! Here are just a few kayaking adventure tours we offer:

  1. From the island of Oahu, you can embark on a number of guided kayaking adventure tours. Choose from a two-hour or four-hour Guided Kayaking Excursion tour with Discover Hawaii Tours. These tours take you directly out over the crystal clear waters around Oahu in either a single or a double kayak, as you prefer. Your experience guide will direct you to the Moku’ula Islands, which are a symbol of Windward Oahu. Along the way to the islands, you’ll probably see some of the native sea animals such as green sea turtles and colorful tropical fish. The Moku’ula Islands are a protected bird sanctuary, so when you land there to explore the tide pools and beautiful shoreline, make sure to watch out for some unique birds!
  2. Some of the best kayaking Hawaii has to offer is along the coast of Kauai. On the Na Pali Coast Kayak Tour, you’ll take an incredible eleven-mile kayak tour around the rugged, breathtakingly beautiful coastline. The coast of Kauai is full of deep crags and valleys—even hidden beaches and sea caves that you can explore from your kayak. You can also kayak through waterfalls as tall as 100 feet high. Your tour guide will make sure that on this special kayaking tour you take advantage of all the sights you can take in from the unique vantage point of your kayak, including paddling up to the base of a 2,000-foot high sea cliff.
  3. For a tour that has a little bit of everything, consider the Adventures of Hidden Hawaii Tour with Discover Hawaii Tours. In addition to Hawaii sea kayaking, you’ll can hike, swim, and snorkel! A tour guide will take on an exploration of the lush Ko’olau Mountain Range of Oahu, teaching you about the wildlife, plant life, and ecology of the forest along the way. Later, you’ll be able to relax at the beach and jump into the refreshing ocean waters. Here, you can grab a boogie board or a kayak—whichever you feel like doing!

We offer more than just kayaking adventure tours—they offer an experience that you’ll never forget. Choose from numerous tours that take you out on the ocean waters, up to the edge of mountain cliffs, or just out over the waves for a relaxing paddle. Whichever you please, Discover Hawaii Tours has the right tour for you. These water adventure tours are popular with guests, so make sure that you book spots for yourself and your family quickly! Call 808-670-3743.


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