Kava Festival This Weekend On University Of Hawaii Campus

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come out to the Kava Festival! It’ll be a fun experience for all, from the never-heard-of-it beginner to the kava experts, and there will be plenty to learn from a large array of connoisseurs in all things kava; cultural significance to effects on the body. On October 8, the ‘Awa Development Council will host the annual Kava Festival at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. This event is being held to celebrate kava’s integral role in Hawaiian, as well as Pacific Island Cultures. There will be many vendors and events that will fill the day including live music from local artists, cultural as well as educational booths, sampling and plant booths of kava, preparation demos, an ‘apu workshop (‘apu are the coconut cups made to drink kava out of), food booths, and an evening movie. Did you know that kava is a member of the black pepper family? It is believed to have originated as a drink from Melanesia, and was reserved for the royal families of the South Pacific. It has long been touted as promoting connection among groups sharing the drink, as well as having some medical benefits. Many have claimed to have alleviated anxiety and stress by drinking a mixture of kava root and water or coconut milk. One of the benefits of drinking kava is that it relaxes the body and mind without effecting mental clarity.Whether you’re a seasoned kava drinker or a first timer you’ll definitely find Saturday’s event interesting, and fun, so come out and join the crowd, bring your lauhala mat, or sit on one of the ones provided in the courtyard to talk story about the cultural as well as scientific sides of kava with experts on the subject.

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