Awe-Inspiring Kauai Vacations

Kauai, Hawaii’s oldest island, is known as the Garden Isle. Famous for the Na Pali Coast, which is often considered one of the world’s most beautiful strips of land, and home to the Waimea Canyon, this island is the perfect location for a Hawaiian excursion. Kauai, and particularly, the Na Pali Coast, is highly luxurious, and while planning a trip to this beautiful island, one may become concerned that it could be pricey to visit this island. However, planning a cheap Hawaiian vacation, even one that includes something as fabulous as sailing along the Na Pali Coast in a fabulous catamaran, can actually be quite simple.

One of the best ways to stay within your budget while on a Hawaiian excursion is to join a tour group for some of your adventures. Discover Hawaii Tours offers a number of highly popular and very satisfying tours of Kauai and the Na Pali Coast. One fantastic option is the Kauai Waimea Canyon Eco Adventure Tour. On this tour, you will have the chance of exploring one of Kauai’s most loved locations: the Waimea Canyon. Often nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” this location is absolutely breathtaking, and a must see on any Hawaiian vacation. This very affordable tour will guide you to some of Kauai’s most beautiful and iconic locations—the Waimea Canyon itself, the famous Tunnel of Trees, the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge—and will certainly create a memory you will not soon forget.

Once you have made it to the Garden Isle, you will not want to miss out on the beloved Na Pali Coast. With plenty of places to sail, snorkel, raft, and explore, the Na Pali Coast is one of Hawaii’s top destinations. Discover Hawaii Tours offers a few fantastic tours of this breathtaking stretch of land. One very popular tour is the Deluxe Half-Day Na Pali Catamaran Tour. On this tour, you will have the chance to snorkel with exotic, tropical marine life and sunbathe on the deck of a state of the art catamaran as you sail along and take in the sights of the Na Pali Coast.

Any of the tours on the island of Kauai will leave you with memories to cherish for years to come. This island’s beauty is unparalleled, and exploring this location is surprisingly affordable. However, these tours are very popular, so sign up as soon as possible! You can review all your options and book your tour online today at or call us at 808-670-3743!

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