Kauai Tours A to Z

Kauai ToursKauai has a lot to offer the island visitor. You can take in the nature, experience the sea with snorkeling and boat tours and do everything in between. Where do you start? Reading blogs like this is a good place to begin planning your visit. Kauai tours on TripAdvisor is another option but beware of what other interests may lie in the reviews. Once you have an idea of what’s available, you should start price shopping for specific tours and options. One place to start is DiscoverHawaiiTours. Here are a few ideas for what you should do while you’re staying on this beautiful island:


A is for adventure. Kauai zip line tours are quite popular and for good reason. You’ll wiz right through rainforests and gorgeous greenery all while hundreds of feet in the air!


B is for boating. You can take several boat tours in Kauai. Our favorite for honeymooners is the romantic sunset dinner that cruises around the Na Pali coast.


C is for canyon. Waimea Canyon, located in Kauai, is often called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It’s Hawaii’s deepest canyon and it boasts amazing colors, a waterfall and a pond you can cruise on in a boat.


While we can’t cover all 26 letters of the alphabet, we’ll skip ahead to deliver the highlights!


N is for nature. What you’ll find on Kauai is pristine, untouched nature. It’s really unique because the other islands have been built up a bit more. You find more amazing views and inaccessible forests on Kauai than on any other island.


V is for variety. You can still hang out by the beach, golf and enjoy a fantastic resort in Kauai. But you can also go on a hiking tour and reconnect a bit with your rugged side. Kauai has something for just about everyone.


Y is for you’ll want to return someday. While it’s tough to squeeze everything into one trip, relax and just do the things you’d enjoy most. You don’t have to fit every tour and island hop into just one vacation. Hawaii has a way of calling people back. In Hawaiian they say A hui hou kakou which means “until we meet again.”


Enjoy your vacation in Kauai and soak up all the memories from A to Z! Mahalo for reading this post, now call 808-670-3743 and start booking Kauai tours on this beautiful island! 


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