What are the Best Activities on Kauai?

Kauai is a world unlike any other in all of the Hawaiian Islands. On this unique island, you can take in unbelievable sights both from the water and from the air. The best way to see the island of Kauai is with a tour from Discover Hawaii Tours. You’ll be amazed at how many activities on Kauai there are to enjoy.


Choose from a number of tours that give you an aerial view of Kauai. The Kauai zipline tours with Discover Hawaii Tours take you high up into the trees. From here, you’ll cruise down 1,800 feet on your own or on tandem lines so you can enjoy the experience with family or friends. You’ll fly over lush forest and roaring waterfalls as well as the Kipu Ranch, a four thousand acre ranch where movies such as Jurassic Park were filmed. And there is more than just ziplining straight down into the valley. You can take advantage of suspension bridges over the lush, green forests and tree houses that give you a unique, birds-eye view of the entire island.

Other activities on Kauai you should be sure to take advantage of are the water tours available through Discover Hawaii Tours. There are numerous tours you can embark on to see the Na Pali coast in a beautiful way. For example, book a seat on the Na Pali Coast Kayak Tour for an eleven-mile kayak trip along the incredible coast of steep cliffs and hidden caves. You’ll kayak through one hundred foot-high waterfalls and land on a remote beach where your tour guide will give you an once-in-a-lifetime tour of some of Hawaii’s most secluded places. On the Wailua River Paddle Jungle Stream and Waterfall Hike, you can hike right into the beautiful valleys and hills that make up Kauai and paddle down the Wailua River with an expert tour guide.  Your guide is an excellent source of knowledge about local folklore and the history of the island. Don’t be afraid to try and stump your guide with questions. You’ll be amazed at what they know!

Space on these tours is very limited, so don’t miss out! If you want to have an active vacation while you visit the Hawaiian Islands, a Kauai tour with Discover Hawaii Tours is the right choice for you. Book today for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity along the beautiful coast and among the incredible valleys of Kauai Island, Hawaii! You’ll experience activities on Kauai you’ll never forget; all you need to do is call 808-670-3743.

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