July 4th Paddleboard Race on Oahu

If you are on the North Shore of Oahu this July 4th, you can go catch the 33rd Annual Hui O Hee Nalu Independence Day Paddleboard & Stand Up Paddle Race. This summer race starts at Sunset Beach and ends at Waimea Bay and is a fun thing to do in Oahu.
Hui O Hee Nalu was formed in 1976 on the North Shore of Oahu. The club, which means Club of Wave Riders, is regularly referred to as Da Hui or the “black shorts.” The group sponsors several community events throughout the year, including Da Hui Easter Egg Hunt and Da Hui North Shore Beach Clean Up. Da Hui also hosts the surf contest called Da Hui Backdoor Shootout at Ehukai Beach Park in Hawaii. A contest made up of primarily Hawaii born surfers; this event at the Banzai Pipeline has one of the largest prizes ($40,000 for first place) in all of surfing. The Independence Day paddleboard and stand up paddle race is a 4 mile sprint from Sunset Beach to Waimea Bay. After the race there will be a musical performance by the band STR8 UP at Sunset Beach, making this event a fun thing to do in Oahu on July 4th. Discover Hawaii Tours has been taking visitors to Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach since 1995.

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