It’s Not Your Mamma’s Hawaii 5-0 – World Premiere Last Night on Waikiki Beach

Over 5,000 fans packed Queen’s Beach—many as early as 10:00 am—for the chance to watch the exclusive sneak peak of the pilot episode of “Hawaii 5-0”, a full week before it airs nationally on CBS. Preceded by the networks mass marketing campaign over the recent weeks of billboard images of the stars and a social media blitz, the night in Waikiki Beach brought with it the show’s screen test. The premiere passed with flying colors.

Original cast members in attendance

Among those in attendance included former stars of the original series, relatives of its creator, and droves of fans who remember the original fondly. Surviving cast members of the original were also in attendance and included Al Harrington, who played Ben Kokua in more than 60 episodes during the initial run.

Danno sends his regards

Just before the screening, Harrington read a statement from the original “Danno”, James McArthur, who was unable to attend the premiere but wanted to extend his excitement for the remake of the classic. McArthur even hinted that he would be making a cameo during the season.

The New Hawaii 5-0

Fans of the series will notice a difference from new to old, as the new series is filled with action and comedy, where the previous was straight forward and void of the writing style used for the new generation. Coincidentally, the show’s premier will air 42 years to the day that the original aired. Don’t miss the television premiere of “Hawaii 5-0” beginning September 20, 2010 at 9:00pm. Learn more about Hawaii 5-0, click here.

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