It’s Hawaii Whale Watching Season!

Hawaii whale watching season is generally from November to early May, and right now we’re in the middle of the whale watching season in Hawaii! Don’t miss this opportunity to see humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of the Hawaiian Islands! Read more to learn about whale watching in Hawaii and why these enormous creatures migrate to the islands every year.

How to see whales

Whale watching boats depart every day during the whale watching season, which is typically between November and early May, give or take a few weeks. No matter which island you’re on, there’s a boat that will take you out on a whale watching mission! The best part is, most companies guarantee sighting! If you don’t see any whales, you’ll likely receive a voucher to take the tour again for another opportunity to witness these magnificent beasts play in the Pacific! All of our whale watching tours guarantee whale sighting! Discover Hawaii Tours currently offers whale watching activities on two islands, Oahu and Maui: If you’re unable to take a tour, another great option is hitting the beach and looking for whales from the shore. Sometimes the whales come right up to land! Earlier this month, humpback whales frolicked in the Honolulu Harbor, coming within a few feet of humans on the harbor docks.

Why whales migrate to Hawaii

Every year, these giant, gentle mammals leave the chilly waters off the southeastern Alaskan shores and head south. On this long journey of about 3,000 miles, the whales reach Hawaii’s warm waters to  breed, birth and raise their calves. Experts estimate that some 10,000 whales migrate to Hawaiian waters each winter. Of the 10,000, many whales frolic, jump, and play just off the coasts of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, and the Big Island. Visit one of Hawaii’s many scenic lookouts and you just might see humpback whales breaching the waters. Or, take one of our whale watching tours!

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