It’s Almost Time For Whale Watching In Hawaii!

One of the most special things about Hawaii are the yearly visitors who come to enjoy the cool blue waters of paradise. Frolicking in the sea, splashing in the sun, but I’m not talking about vacationers, I’m talking about Humpback Whales! It’s almost time for whale watching in Hawaii!

Humpback whales & Hawaii

Every year pods of Humpback whales make a 3,500 mile migration from the frigid waters of Alaska to the islands of Hawaii for a little rest and relaxation. Actually, they make the journey to nurse Humpback calves in the warmer tropical waters of Hawaii since calves are not born with a layer of blubber to protect them from the cold.
A mother and her calf swimming near the surface of Hawaii's waters make them easy to spot while whale watching in Hawaii!

A mother and her calf swimming near the surface of Hawaii’s waters make them easy to spot while whale watching in Hawaii!

They spend about 5 months off the shores of Hawaii, typically between the months of December and May. If you’re going to be in Hawaii then, a whale watching cruise should be on your list of things to do on vacation. Oddly enough, Humpback whales do not eat while they are in Hawaii. A majority of their diet consists of krill, tiny shrimp-like creatures, and they live off fat stores from feeding during the Alaskan summer. Nursing their young, mothers can lose up to a third of their body weight during the months they spend in Hawaii! Mothers and their young stay near the surface during nursing, making it easy for calves to breathe. Males often sing their “whale song” and breach to show off for females who may be looking to breed. These things make for excellent whale watching in Hawaii!

Whale watching in Hawaii

One of the most popular ways to enjoy whale watching in Hawaii is by taking a whale watching cruise. Departing from Honolulu, Kona, or Ma’alaea, enjoy a cruise where you’re guaranteed to see whales. Using sophisticated technology, cruise out to where the whales are and listen to them sing. Underwater listening devices will have you hearing the unique “songs” of male Humpback whales, which are absolutely incredible! Whale watching in Hawaii is great for the whole family. Onboard naturalists and Jr. naturalists enhance your experience by educating you about these majestic creatures while you observe them in their natural habitat.
Onboard there are snacks and refreshments available for purchase and binoculars are also available for rental. These make an excellent addition to a whale watching cruise. You can see whales that are far off better, and even be the first person to spot one! Join us for a whale watching in Hawaii cruise and have the experience of a lifetime. When you get back you’ll be feeling like you just stepped out of an episode of “Planet Earth”! Alooooha!

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