Why Inter-Island Tours?


Discover Hawaii Tours is immensely proud of the Inter-island tour options they offer, including One Day Tours from Oahu, Day Trips from Maui, Day Trips from Kauai, and tours from Big Island. No matter which island you are staying on, there are inter-island tours for you to take advantage of.

But why bother with an Inter-Island Tour, and why pick Discover Hawaii Tours?

Well, say you are enjoying a nice relaxing honeymoon or second honeymoon in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital on the Island of Oahu, but you really want to try one of the Maui Road To Hana Tours, tours that take guests down a fifty mile stretch of sea-side road running over jungle cliffs, passing under hundreds of waterfalls, and looking down over black and white sand beaches in a tropical paradise. Or perhaps you really wanted to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see real lava running out to sea…

Well, normally you couldn’t very easily. There are ferries and hopper flights to get you from island to island, but remember the size of the islands in question. To bounce around even one island would require a significant amount of travel expense and you would have to rent your own car.

Discover Hawaii Tours, on the other hand, offers Inter Island Tours that include airfare with trusted charter flight companies, and that also include van pickup as your tours get started. You can have a Pearl Harbor Tour from Maui or Day Trips from Kauai to Oahu, or even a Oahu to Hawaii Volcano Tour, all for an extremely affordable rate.

Tours are available crisscrossing all the major islands and the staff available at (808) 690-9054 would be happy to help match you to with perfect tour option for your needs. And of course, Discover Hawaii Tour guides are some of the best on the islands, passionate about the sights that you’ll be viewing and excited to share the magic of Hawaii with every visitor they lead.

So don’t settle for just one Hawaiian gem, visit every island that calls to you with DiscoverHawaiiTours.com!

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