Increased Visitor Arrivals Across the State

As Hawaii’s biggest independent tour company, Discover Hawaii Tours is really excited to know that more and more people are coming to Hawaii. We love showing visitors the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as teaching them about the amazing culture found in the islands. According to a release by the Hawaii Tourism Authority total expenditures by visitors who came to Hawaii in January 2012 rose 13.9 percent from January 2011. This was the best one-month total on record, which surpassed the December 2011 high of 1.298 billion. Contributing factors to the increase in expenditures by visitors is an increase in daily spending – an $11.00 per day increase from January 2011 – as well as an increase in total arrivals by 7.7 percent from January 2011. Average length of stay also saw a slight increase of 0.9 percent. Leading visitor growth is the island of Kauai, which saw a 10 percent growth in visitor arrivals for January of 2012; making January 2012 the thirteenth straight month of increased arrivals for the island. Although scheduled seats from the U.S. East coast declined by roughly 20 percent – due to discontinuation of service from Minneapolis and decreased seats from Chicago and Houston – charter seats climbed by roughly 40 percent – due to the addition of a number of charter flights from Japan as well as Australia, Korea, America Samoa, and Shanghai. The Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Seat Outlook is showing some good numbers too. 2012 is projected to see a 7.7 percent increase in total scheduled air seats to Hawaii, with major increases from some Asian regions. South Korea is anticipated to see a 47.4 percent increase, while China is anticipated to see 173.7 percent driving capacity from the region to a 10-year high. Eased visa processes as well as increased service to the Hawaiian Islands will hopefully bring some big increases in visitors from Asian regions.

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