In-Flight Magazines on the iPad, Will Hawaiian’s Hana Hou Follow?

As everyone is well aware of by now, the iPad is quickly changing the dynamics of the publishing industry. So it was only a matter of time before in-flight magazines began appearing on the iPad.
Before you get excited about Hawaii air travel and your upcoming flight to the Hawaiian Islands, take a quick breather. Currently, the only airline with an iPad in-flight magazine that is flying to Hawaii is Hemispheres, United/Continental’s. Featuring interactive features that include previews of the in-flight films and songs from Zune, the airlines radio, this in-flight iPad app is the first US carrier to experiment with iPad technology. Which begs the question, when will Hana Hou!, the in-flight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines, join the digital revolution and introduce an iPad application? It would seem that Hawaiian Airlines is getting hip to technology with its foray into Twitter, and would be quickly joining the iPad revolution. However, since the in-flight magazine isn’t owned by Hawaiian Airlines, but rather by the publishing company Pacific Travelogue out of Honolulu, the magazine might not see an iPad version for a while. It’s tough to predict. While Hawaii air travel might be slow to embrace the iPad, Europe is leading the way with iPad in-flights. UP Magazine from TAP Portugal, Baltic Outlook from airBaltic, Magazin from Lufthansa and b.there! Magazine from Brussels Airlines all have iPad versions of their in-flight magazine available.

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