Help Fight Illegal Vacation Rentals On Your Vacation pt.1

So you want to book your dream vacation to Hawaii, and what wouldn’t be dreamier than a quaint little house nestled in the shoreline or amongst a stand of palm trees where you could walk across the street to enjoy an un-crowded beach, or walk up the street in the evening for a quiet meal from a small locally owned restaurant? An ongoing battle against illegal bed and breakfast operations, or transient vacation units (TVU’s), has gained attention on Oahu recently, and members of the community are voicing their discontent with the city. On Oahu there are 826 legal TVU’s, as well as 49 B&B’s, which make up less than 1% of the islands 25,500 hotel rooms. Here is a quick guide to help ensure that you will be doing business with a legitimate establishment. The BNB Coalition’s website does provide a “tool” that will help you search to discover whether the property you are interested in does meet the requirements, but it is fairly complicated and can be simplified by just asking whoever it is you are booking with some simple questions. If you are aware of the laws and the ways that illegal operators may trick you into thinking they are legit you can help eliminate these illegal vacation rentals. This list that we have compiled using information from the BNB Coalition’s website will help you seek out a legal, and law abiding Bed and Breakfast or Transient Vacation Unit.
  1. When booking your stay at a Bed and Breakfast or Vacation Unit, ask the operator or booking agent if the B&B or TVU is currently holding a NonConforming Use Certificate. If they say “No” then they are not legitimate.
  2. Ask the operator or booking agent for the FULL and EXACT address of the property, and write it down. Inform whoever you speak with that the full address, including apartment number street number and street name, must be included in the rental agreement.
  3. Then go here, and use the address information to see if the property actually holds the proper permits and zoning
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Santa's By The Sea - Discover Hawaii Tours

Santa’s By The Sea, One of Oahu’s Legal Bed and Breakfasts

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