Help Fight Illegal Vacation Rentals On Your Vacation pt.2

Continued from Part 1.. The BNB coalition is an organization that has set up a way for potential renters to check out the legitimacy of their accommodations and to see if the establishment they are staying with has the proper endorsements.
BNB Coalition warns of some of the tricks these illegal vacation rentals use to make you feel as though they are actually running legal operations:
  • The operator might tell you that the law has changed and they are now legal. This is untrue, the law hasn’t changed since 1991 with minor modifications in 1998; illegal operations are still illegal.
  • The operator might book you at a legal address and then “switch” you to another illegal address claiming that there was a conflict or something.  In this case the agent or operator probably never planned on putting you at a legal operation.
  • Telling you that they (the city) do not enforce those laws
  • Telling you that neighbors actually approve of what they operators are doing.
  • If the owner or agent tells you to say you are a relative if a zoning inspector shows up.
  • Asking you to sign a rental agreement for thirty days or more, then to leave early and receive a rebate from the owner/operator.
The BNB Coalition website also warns potential clients of illegal operations, and some legitimate operations as well, that they should check to see what protections they have when staying at establishments, and insist that they prove it to you before renting. Some short term rental operations only have home owners insurance which wouldn’t protect you . In the unlikely event that some one in your party is injured or burgalarized on the property you will need to make sure that the owners have proper insurance to cover your loss. Most hotels have liability insurance that protect you and themselves from loss.

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