Iconic Maui Hotel Gets New Name

It’s not the first time the hotel has been renamed, but this latest name change is sure to be the most publicized in the history of the Hotel Hana-Maui.
On June 30th, 2011, the Hotel Hana-Maui will change its name to the Travaasa Hana. Travaasa, which combines the words “travel” and “pravaasa” (a Sanskrit word meaning memorable journey), is a new hotel brand that debuted in April 2011 with the Travaasa Austin in Texas. The 70-room Hawaii hotel was sold in early 2010 to the real estate investment firm Amstar Group. Opened in 1946 by San Francisco entrepreneur Paul Fagan, the six-room hotel was originally called the Ka’uiki Inn. Later renamed the Hana Ranch Hotel, the luxury property slowly expanded over the past couple decades into its current incarnation. Hotel Hana-Maui has enjoyed a reputation as a secluded luxury retreat. Set at the end of the famous Road to Hana, the resort has won multiple awards from Travel + Leisure Magazine and other reputable publications. Hana is known as one of the few remaining places that continue to exude the spirit of old-time Hawaii. And as any Maui travel guide can tell you, a trip to Hawaii is not complete without a tour of Hana!

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