Hunger Games, Movie Tourism and Hawaii

Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? The blockbuster film has inspired fans across America to visit the sites where The Hunger Games was filmed, North Carolina. The Tarheel State has experienced a big increase in tourism ever since the movie’s debut. In Hawaii, where movies like Jurassic Park have been filmed, movie-related tourism is nothing new. Blockbuster films have spawned a market of movie tours in Hawaii, like at Kualoa Ranch, home to some of Hawaii’s most scenic landscapes. Kualoa Ranch offers a Movie Sites & Ranch Tour as part of a full-day adventure on Oahu.

It is a known fact:

Visitors want to see where their favorite movies have been filmed. Although Hunger Games and, for example, television series Hawaii 5-0 are very different in storyline, they still have one thing in common—their popularity with audiences around the world generates more tourism for the places where they were filmed. In Hawaii, Hollywood movies and television shows like Lost50 First Dates, Hawaii 5-0, You Me & Dupree, Godzilla, Waterworld, Jurassic Park, and most recently the ABC TV pilot series Last Resort have drawn visitors to the Hawaiian Islands. And it’s not stopping anytime soon.

The production crew fuels local economy, too

Hawaii is one of Hollywood’s favorite destinations for filming blockbuster movies. In 1994, movie production reached nearly $100 million—money spent for the making of Waterworld, starring Kevin Costner, hit $35 million. With hundreds of production crew coming to Hawaii to film a movie or TV show, local businesses experience a welcomed increase in visitor spending. Are you one of these visitors? What sites are popular with actors and production crews when they film in Hawaii? Sometimes hotels are completely booked with crew members filling every room. Cafes and restaurants experience an influx of hungry actors and staff. Even local music stores can see a positive impact from visitors—music supervisors for The Descendants, starring George Clooney, stopped by Hungry Ear Records in Kailua, Oahu, to buy lots of Hawaiian music on CDs.

Experience Movie Filming Sites at Kualoa

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