Hualalai Resort Plans To Plant 500,000 Koa Trees

Deforestation has been an increasing problem around the world, and especially in Hawaii; as John Henshaw from the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii stated that “Hawaii has lost over half of its native forests since human contact.” The Hualalai Four Seasons, located on the Big Island, has decided to aid in the fight against deforestation and has started a new program that allows guests to participate in reforestation efforts of tropical hardwoods. As a part of the celebration of their 50 year anniversary the Four Seasons has partnered with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods to help reforestation, not only in Hawaii, but the world over; the hotel chain wishes to plant 500,000 koa trees at their site on the Big Island, and 10 million trees around the world as a part of this celebration. The goal is to plant 500,000 “legacy” koa trees; they are labeled as “legacy” because they will be planted in a protected area of forest north of Hilo, and allowed to live out their natural lives without danger of being harvested for their valuable wood. This is a big deal for the tropical hardwoods that would normally be harvested to make things such as furniture, decorations, or musical instruments, and is a huge step in the right direction for the survival of this unique, endangered species.

By donating $40.00 guests can participate in this initiative, and will be allowed to plant a seedling in a small tray. Each person that participates will then be able to track their tree by GPS signal once it has been planted in the forest. The $40.00 fee goes towards the cost of planting and caring for the tree through the partnership with Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, and a $1.00 contribution to The Nature Conservancy.

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