How To Save For A Trip To Hawaii

How do you save for a trip to Hawaii? We asked our Facebook fans for their advice and got over 80 responses with clever tips on how to budget your money for your next vacation. The most important piece of advice so far? It’s always easier to save if you have a goal set. Keep reading for more tips from our community of travelers on Facebook.

Tip 1: Save your tax return

“My husband & I bank our entire tax return into a separate account… and build it up every week. No matter how great the temptation is to spend it….don’t!!! ^__^ You can totally save for Hawaii. We have gone 3 times. WOOT!!!” — Shannon K. “We had a savings acct. and also put aside our income tax refund checks….” —Maureen D. “When you do your income tax and are expecting a return…purchase your airfare, rent your car or book your house or hotel and book a year in advance, it works, believe me.” —Elaine B.H.

Tip 2: Start an “H” fund and save, save, save!

“Every paycheck, skim 25 bucks and any change or left over balance before next check into the “H” fund… you’d be surprised how much and HOW QUICK you got the $$ to go to paradise!!” — John A.H. “Take 25 a week out of your check…put in a seperate account. It builds quick.” —Tracey M.P. “Save all loose change.” —Laura G. “I put away every $5’s surprising how it all adds up..and how soon.” —Raelene F. “25% of your check every time you get paid put in another account.” —Nani M. “I saved money in a 2nd savings account, had money go in it every time I got paid.” —Andrea R. “Always empty any change out of my purse and $5 notes into money box for this, surprising how it all comes together when you have a specific goal.” —Sue W.

Tip 3: Cook at home

“Eat at home, instead going out to eat.” —Henry S. “Brew your own coffee instead of coffee shop.” —Taylor T. “Cook at home & spend only if it is absolutely necessary” —Janice M. “Look for condos with kitchens an months in advance to make plans to go.” —Yeldiz H. “We have our timeshare on the Big Island. We eat breakfast in the TS, pack a lunch for a picnic at noon & only go out for dinner. I also take dry cereal, coffee, peanut butter, condiments , microwave popcorn & condiment packages in my suitcase. We go to Costco when we arrive for bread, milk, rotisere chicken,pizza etc. Gas is cheaper at Costco too.” —Kara D.

Tip 4: Don’t spend on things you don’t need

“Cut back on the shopping trips. Eat cheaper meals prepared at home. Instead of going to the movies rent a movie. Don’t buy the high technology devices. Cut back on the driving only go places that you really need to go gas is too expensive.” —Terri K. “Quit smoking, use coupons at the grocery stores, take your lunch from home and make your own coffee or tea at work.” —Sheri N.I. “We put off buying a new car and put the money we would have used for a car payment aside every month.” —Cathy P.F. “Don’t eat in expensive restaurants or buy things that you don’t really need. It is amazing how much money simplifying your life can save you.” —Alan E.B. “My hubby & I quit smoking in may this with that money we are saving each week & aim to holiday next yr with our 3 boyz!!!!!” —Kazzza B.

Tip 5: Recycle

“We have been recycling fools. I keep a big bag tied to my door at work and my co-workers are happy to help me fill it up!” —Terri S. “Recycle cans n plastic bottles.” —Henry S.

Tip 6: Use a rewards credit card (and pay it off right away)

“If you can get a air miles credit card ( I use Delta Amer Express), charge what u can and pay if off right away but still get all the miles to fly free or half off !” —Taylor T. “ Do not carry credit card debt…. it’s throwing away money that you could be saving.” —Jeanne L.E.

Tip 7: Just do it

“Hawaii is like having a child…never wait until you can “afford” to do it…you just might wait too long and your chance will slip away! It’s worth whatever you have to do to save money…put that money in a Hawaii account at your bank…it will add up faster than you know!” —Pamela L.G. “Don’t stop until the goal is reached….” —Ellen C.

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