How To Plan A Trip With Pinterest

Not long ago, people planned their vacations without the aid of one of the most useful tools to emerge in the last year: Pinterest. Saving pictures to your hard drive, bookmarking webpages, emailing your friends with lists of things to do—all of these actions needed to plan your trip to Hawaii are now easier than ever before. Here’s how to plan a trip with Pinterest.

Dream: Find Inspiration

Before you know what you’re going to do in Hawaii, you know at least this much: you’re going to Hawaii! Login or signup for Pinterest, create a new board called “Hawaii”, then search for Hawaii-related pins and start pinning anything and everything that catches your eye. The key here is finding inspiration for your trip, like beaches or tropical drinks, to get an idea of what interests you. Do this:
  1. Create a Hawaii pinboard
  2. Search for Hawaii-related pins
  3. Find influential pinners to follow

Plan: Organize Your Vacation

Now that you’ve collected a ton of Hawaii pins that inspire you, start planning the details of your vacation: where to stay and things to do. At this step in the planning process, consider creating specific pinboards for each topic: Hawaii Hotels, Hawaii Things To Do, etc. This will help organize your ideas. Accommodations: As you search for hotels in Hawaii, pin pictures of the places you’d like to stay to your pinboard. If possible, include a price in the description—Pinterest automatically adds a price “banner” to your image once you’ve pinned it, so it’s easy to compare prices of your favorite hotels. Things to Do: Now that you have an idea of what inspires you, figure out what kinds of things you want to see in Hawaii. If you pinned an image of dolphins, you might want to consider an activity swimming with dolphins in the wild. If you pinned a catamaran at sunset, start looking into evening dinner cruises. What to Wear & What to Eat: Some of the most popular pictures on Pinterest are food and fashion. Take advantage of these popular pins and start planning what clothes to wear and what foods to try when in Hawaii. Tip: Get more ideas by looking at other people’s Hawaii vacation boards.

Share: Tell Friends and Family

There are two great ways to share your travel plans on Pinterest: collaborate with companions or simply show off to your friends. 1. Invite your travel companions to contribute vacation ideas. You can invite other Pinterest users to collaborate on your pinboard. Ask your friends to pin things they would like to do and build your own guidebook! 2. Your family and friends will want to see your vacation. Pinterest is a great way to share your Hawaii pinboard(s) and excite others about your upcoming trip.

Do: Have fun in Hawaii!

You’ve dreamed of Hawaii, found things to do, and shared your excitement with friends. Now it’s time to live it up! Start your vacation by creating a new board. Use this board as a travel journal to document what you do in Hawaii. If you’re using an iPhone, remember to download the app so you can pin while in Hawaii. When your vacation is finished, your board becomes a stunning visual diary of all the things you enjoyed in Hawaii.

Start using Pinterest to plan your trip.

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