How To Catch The FLU On Your Vacation In Hawaii

No we’re not talking about that nasty airborne virus; in this case “FLU” stands for Fun – Lively – Unexpected all of which are elements of any well planned vacation in Hawaii. Of course any trip to Hawaii is always enhanced by those unexpected spontaneous moments, but careful planning can sometimes set up the perfect circumstance to create a magical coincidence. So here is my take on how to catch the “FLU” while on your vacation in Hawaii. First of all have fun! You’re not crossing an ocean to be bummed out, so be prepared to enjoy every day of your trip. Hawaii is a world of it’s own with sights, sounds, tastes and even plants and creatures found only 50th state. One of the best ways to become familiar with all these new experiences is to join one of our guided tours. We offer tours and activities that are sure to appeal to all types of visitors regardless whether it’s the first or fifth time in the islands. Now that we discussed the fun in “FLU” let’s look at the Lively.
Couple enjoying a guided eco tour on Oahu

Couple discovering ancient Hawaiian Hala fruit

What could be livelier than swimming with Dolphins in their natural habitat of the Pacific Ocean? Just the exchange of energy alone is enough to probably power a couple of light bulbs. If Dolphin swimming doesn’t seem lively then how about watching daring surfers ride the big waves of world famous Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. To take the idea one step further, how about you trying surfing? Very lively! Now that we’ve covered Fun and Lively, let’s move on to Unexpected.
Any seasoned traveler knows to always expect the unexpected on any vacation or getaway. A Hawaii vacation is no different but in many aspects may yield even more unanticipated adventures and treats. From fruits of the seas to fruits on the trees “culinarily” speaking, Hawaii delivers many unexpected delights for the palate. In fact, a visit to Hawaii will indulge all of your senses and sometimes simultaneously. Just imagine walking by the ocean feeling a light spray while you sip a Mai Tai drink and enjoy a sudden waft of exotic flowers just before a magical rainbow appears across the sky. Definitely unexpected!  
Here’s hopping you catch some FLU on your next vacation in Hawaii.

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