Honolulu Christmas City Lights Nearly Ready to Light-up Hawaii

Tonight at 6:00pm the Honolulu City Lights tree lighting ceremony is scheduled to kick off the Holidays with a flash and some twinkling. This will mark the beginning of a month or so worth of scheduled events that include lots of Christmas inspired cheer. The Honolulu Hale, where the big tree is waiting to be lit, will have lots of additional holiday decorations on display to help make up for our lack of snow and bring some Christmas cheer to our beautiful islands. Wreath displays will adorn the inside of this storied location, while the civic center grounds will host several holiday inspired effigies.
The Iolani Palace is getting in on the festivities also. It is scheduled to use lots of holiday lanterns to light up its façade in spectacular fission. It’s going to need a lot of those lanterns if it doesn’t want to be drowned out by the light of the towering downtown Honolulu office buildings that will also start casting a red and green glow today. Be on the lookout for Hawaii’s own Shaka Santa, who can be seen at the Honolulu Hale flashing the signature Hawaiian gesture as he dips his toes into the facilities fountain. Together with Mrs. Claus’ Mumu wearing Hawaiian alter ego “Tutu Mele,” the two beloved jolly holiday icons are simply glowing. And why wouldn’t they be? Cooped up in the North Pole all year, it’s only now that they can enjoy some time out before the big show, and Hawaii is certainly a good place to do it.
The Christmas Cheer extends much further than the confines of Shaka Santa’s rosy (sun burnt?) cheeks. The tree lighting ceremony is preceded by a parade through town that surely will bring out some of that good old fashioned Christmas anticipation from even the most seemingly indifferent of individuals. And don’t worry if you can’t make it tonight. The parade and lighting will continue on a nightly basis through the beginning of the New Year. Another noteworthy nightly activity that helps to make Honolulu’s efforts some of the most festive around are the nightly concert preformed at the Kawaihao Church across from the first mentioned Honolulu Hale. If you are interested in checking out these fascinating attractions, don’t hesitate to drive all over Honolulu, with your entire family, while you take pictures, hand out snacks, keep track of everyone, and try not to let slip your holiday gift offerings. If that sounds a bit hectic, consider letting us here at Discover Hawaii Tours do your driving. We can surely help make this experience a lot more relaxing for you and yours, without putting any kind of serious dent in your Christmas funds. Whatever your plans, and wherever you spend them, Mele Kalikimaka from all of here at Discover Hawaii Tours.

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