Hollywood in Hawaii at Kualoa Ranch

I know some of you “Lost” fans are sad that the hit television series on ABC is finally over, but like we say in Hawaii, no worries brah! There are many more hit television series and movies that are currently being filmed here. Hawaii Five-0 has made a huge comeback and with great ratings the hit television show won’t be leaving Hawaii anytime soon. Along with the ABC series Off the Map, and current movie productions such as Pirates of the Caribbean 4, the Descendants, and Battleship, there is still a lot of film activity here in Hawaii. Today the sacred, scenic area Kualoa Ranch still remains a popular site for filming hit television shows and movies. Kualoa Ranch is a large piece of land stretching from the east Oahu coastline all the way to the back of Ka’a'awa Valley. Privately owned by the Morgan family, it was acquired by Dr. Gerrit Judd from King Kamehameha III in 1850, and has been passed down through the family ever since. The ranch was once used for sugar cane farming and in 1985 started to offer fun activities for visitors. Its natural beauty is still very well preserved today and remains as one of the most spectacular areas to see on Oahu. A lot of Hollywood hits you may know have been filmed there such as 50 First Dates (my favorite), Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Mighty Joe Young, and You Me and Dupree. There were thousands of viewers at the premiere of Hawaii Five-0 in Waikiki along with the whole cast, Governor Lingle, and the cast of Lost. Before I could even think of when Kualoa Ranch would be featured in the television series, the first scene rolled and there it was. Ironically, even though Hawaii Five-0 is all about Hawaii, the first scene was portrayed as South Korea with a fight between the military and drug cartel. Kualoa Ranch’s latest claim to fame can be seen on the new television series Off the Map. Based on Doctors running a clinic in the jungles of South America, the first show used Kualoa Ranch as a set at the same place Discover Hawaii Tours visits on our Oahu Circle Island Tours. Once I saw the one of a kind Ko’olau mountain range, I knew the film location was none other than Kualoa Ranch. It’s great to see Hawaii continuing to be a popular place for major Hollywood movies and television series. With all the scenes being filmed at Kualoa Ranch today, filming in the area won’t slow down anytime soon. So why not enjoy your island tour at the same place where blockbuster hits and successful television series are filmed. As new movies and TV shows keep filming there, you can brag to your friends each time and say, “Hey I’ve been there!”

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