Hokulani Bakeshop Wins “Cupcake Wars” on Food Network

Founded in 2005 by a husband and wife team, Hokulani Bakeshop has become very popular on the island of Oahu, and before this week had been featured in many local and Japanese TV programs. The Hokulani Bakeshop is a place where cupcake lovers can get a truly handmade, artisan food product. When they began, Tushar and Ana Dubey specialized in cookies which were inspired by the natural and cultural beauty of Hawaii; with a line of cookies called “Hawaii is Delicious” that included 15 designs representing life in the islands, they were an immediate success. In April of 2006, a year after beginning their venture into baked goods, Hokulani Bakeshop began their journey into cupcakes. To complement the cookies they were already making their cupcakes would be completely made from scratch. All of their cookies and cupcakes contain 100% real butter and sugar, with no hydrogenated oils, or corn syrup. Sticking to fresh, wholesome ingredients led their unique flavors and designs to be a favorite for island locals and visitors alike. After gaining much popularity on Oahu the team at Hokulani Bakeshop decided to audition for the Food Network’s show “Cupcake Wars.” Four bakers bring their skills to making cupcakes, and in the final round bakers have two hours to complete and set up their display of 1,000 cupcakes. After a very fun audition video, the bakeshop was chosen to compete in the Food Network show. The two that represented Hokulani Bakeshop were not allowed to talk about the results until the show aired, but now the results are in, and after 3 rounds of cupcake war the pair came out victorious! Angela Chandler, Pastry Chef and General Manager, and Nicole Ferriman, Assistant Chef represented Hokulani Bakeshop in the Food Network show. Angela Chandler said of Hokulani Bakeshop, “We focus mainly on cupcakes, and getting that product using all different kinds of local products.”

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