“Hit And Run Hula” Spreads The Aloha Spirit In New York City

Earlier this month, Hawaiian Airlines began direct service to New York City making it even easier to fly to paradise. Inspiring dreams of vacationing in Hawaii with “Hit and Run Hula,” a flash-mob spread the aloha spirit all around the Big Apple. Arriving unannounced at some of New York’s most popular sites, the Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu hula halau of San Francisco breaks out into song and dance to the bewilderment of onlookers. Lasting about 15 minutes, this performance is nothing short of spectacular! Check out some footage from the “Hit and Run Hula” in New York City:This is not the first time Hawaiian Airlines and the Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu hula halau have teamed up for “Hit and Run Hula.” On a recent inaugural flight to Fukuoka, Japan the hula halau, or school, broke out into Hawaiian song and dance at 38,000 feet to entertain guests mid-flight. The same thing happened on a routine flight from San Francisco to Honolulu in 2011. Around 20 members of the halau got out of their seats and began to do the hula on 767 packed with eager vacationers. The “Hit and Run Hula” approach is well received by unexpecting onlookers. After mesmerizing passengers with the rhythmic swaying of hula hips. They received a standing ovation. Talk about a great way to start a Hawaiian vacation!

A bit about “Hit and Run Hula”

Before teaming up with Hawaiian Airlines, the dancers of Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu were performing hula flash mobs around the bay area to amuse and surprise the public while spreading awareness and the aloha spirit. Hawaiian’s vice president of product development Blaine Miyasato said, “We wanted to surprise our new friends in New York City with the enjoyment of hula and give them another reason to dream about coming to Hawaii.”
Perhaps special surprises like this which enrich the experience of flying is why Hawaiian Airlines is the largest passenger carrier in and out of Hawaii. To see all of the “Hit and Run Hula” flash mob videos, check out the Hawaiian Airlines YouTube channel. If you would like to experience all the aloha Hawaiian has to offer, book one of our amazing inter-island adventures with us. We are proud to use Hawaiian Airlines as our preferred carrier. Alooooha!

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